For successful real estate professionals who seek the next level of success and/or work-life balance, French Commitment Coaching offers one-on-one coaching that creates clarity, accountability and predictable growth for every client… if you are willing to honor your commitments.

We help you develop the most valuable piece of real estate available; the space between your ears. Our clients learn how to live out a rewarding career with a true sense of purpose, the joy of accomplishment and the warm feeling of making a difference in the lives of those you serve.

Why would we pick such an unusual name for our coaching services?

For us, the word “commitment” is the most important word in our language. We are Gail and Nick French, and we have been married since 1961. First and foremost, we have honored our commitment to our vows and our commitment to each other.

Secondly, we have been deeply committed to the real estate profession and the industry we serve. Although we have earned many awards for our sales productivity and marketing, we are also very proud of our service on boards and within our association throughout the years.

We also take tremendous pride in our commitment to our clients. Following Carnegie’s principle of putting their needs above our own has indeed proven that everything we ever dreamt of achieving did come back … tenfold!

We also have benefitted greatly from our commitment to continuing education and coaching. Throughout our careers, we have read hundreds of books, thousands of articles and hired the best strategic and work-life coaches available.

Most importantly, our deepest commitment is to your success. We feel honored and privileged to be serving as coaches helping other Realtors® define their vision, earn a higher standard of living, work fewer hours and – ultimately – live their dreams. Our finest moment will be when you are realizing your destiny.