People in all types of professional endeavors rely on a coach to help them achieve specific goals. In fact, as you continue to research this topic, you will discover that the more successful someone is, the greater the likelihood that they not only pay a coach, but they depend on them to increase their odds of becoming victorious.

Acting coaches, speech coaches, fitness coaches, athletic coaches, life coaches, business coaches… the list goes on and on.

Let’s examine one of the world’s most famous people whose success is dependent upon his relationship with his coach: Eldrick Woods.

Most of us know him simply by his nickname: “Tiger”

Tiger Woods is, by far, the greatest golfer of his generation. Time may prove that he was the best to ever play the game. While that point is still open for debate, there is no questioning the fact that he’s several levels above his peers.

Tiger’s father, Earl, served as his first coach. Earl taught him etiquette, proper work habits, discipline and focus. Tiger’s swing was natural; a true gift. However, the game of golf is most often won or lost within the mind of the players. The ability to quiet the mind, tune out distractions, calm one’s nerves and execute under pressure are the attributes that separate champions from also-rans.

When Tiger turned pro, he immediately employed the legendary coach: Butch Harmon. Later, he also hired Hank Haney. Although Tiger was the top-rated golfer in the world, he was still eager to improve.

Tiger freely admits that his coaches afford him with perspective (after all, Tiger can’t see his own swing!); they challenge his thinking and help him fine-tune his mental game.

However, what most people don’t know is that the average difference between the scores of the tournament winner and the runner-up is less than one stroke per round! This means millions of dollars over the career of a professional golfer can be gained or lost on the smallest of improvements or marginally-missed opportunities.

Similarly, top-producing Realtors® share Tiger’s open-minded approach for leveraging the wisdom of coaches. They know that if they don’t continually improve, they immediately begin to lose ground to the competition. They also know that there’s only the slimmest of margins between success and frustration. Working with a coach provides them with the edge they need to ensure they stay on right side of the success equation.

In fact, when asked about how they accomplished so much, both Gail and Nick French freely credit the coaches they hired throughout their careers. They turned to experts to help them with goal setting, focus, discipline and follow through.

No coincidence that Tiger, Gail and Nick all benefited from the same advice.

Today, Gail and Nick serve as success coaches for other Realtors®. They pass along the wisdom, experience and perspectives that they gleaned from their coaches, their careers, their failures and their successes.

If you are still debating the merits of working with a coach, pick up the phone and ask Gail and Nick to share their stories of how coaches helped them rise—and stay—at the top of the real estate profession.